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company culture

Becoming a world-class energy-saving materials supplier 
Leading the way in energy-saving technologies, bolstering industrial innovation, and offering customers perfect solutions

Honesty and trustworthiness, innovative development, being people foremost, value creation

Development Concept:

Do Well, Be Pragmatic, Bigger and Stronger, Do Long-term Business

Corporate Spirit:

Harmony, common prosperity, practicability, high efficiency, dedication, creating a better future together


Operating Principle:

Scientific research concept: Guided by market demands, the company is motivated by innovative development and keeps pioneering new products. Management concept: Creditworthiness is the soul of the company, quality serves as the life of the company, and profit is the fundamental of the company. 

Service scope

Cement industry,Power Industry,Steel,Heavy-duty equipment for petrochemical industry and other sectors,Anticorrosive coating,Heat insulation and preservation of pipes


Quality Control Level

The company boasts more than 20 sets of advanced detecting and laboratory devices or equipment, such as scanning electron microscope, nano particle size analyzer, high-resolution microscopic Raman spectrometer, and electronic type universal testing machine. All these guarantee high-level scientific research, and production quality control.



Henan Alpha Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. 

Founded in September 2018, Guangdong Alpha Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 10 million yuan and is located in Room 609, Building 8, 1 Xuefu Road, Songshan Lake High-Tech Industrial Park, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. 

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