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Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation

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Technological innovation involves many subjects such as government, enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities, international organizations, intermediary service agencies, and the public, including talents, capital, scientific and technological foundation, intellectual property rights, system construction, and innovation atmosphere. It is a complex emerging phenomenon under the interactive and complex interaction of various innovation subjects and innovation elements, and it is a kind of open complex giant system.

Starting from the double helix structure of technological innovation constituted by technological progress and application innovation, we will further expand our horizons. The power of technological innovation comes from scientific research and knowledge innovation, as well as the extensive participation of experts and the people. The development of modern science and technology led by information technology and the process of economic globalization have further promoted management innovation, which includes both macro-management innovation-institutional innovation, and micro-management innovation. Management innovation led by modern science and technology is undoubtedly the main theme of innovation in our era, and it is also an important part of the scientific and technological innovation system. The synergistic interaction between knowledge innovation, technological innovation, and management innovation led by modern technology has evolved together to form technological innovation.






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