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Research Base

Research Base

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The R&D center is a department whose main work is basic and applied research, product development, and technical training.

Establishment conditions

(1) There is a clear research and development field and specific research and development projects, a fixed place, equipment necessary for scientific research and other necessary scientific research conditions, and the investment of the research and development center for research and development should not be less than 2 million US dollars;

(2) The R&D center should be equipped with full-time management and R&D personnel, among which personnel directly engaged in R&D activities with equivalent bachelor degree or above should account for no less than 80% of the total number of R&D centers.

Set up procedures

(1) The establishment of R&D centers by foreign investors in the form of joint ventures, cooperation, or sole proprietorship shall be examined and approved by the provincial examination and approval department;

(2) Foreign-invested enterprises (including investment companies) set up internal R&D centers:

1. The establishment of a R&D branch or independent R&D department shall be approved by the approval authority established by the foreign-invested enterprise according to the corresponding authority. However, if it is a restricted Class A enterprise below the limit, it will be approved by the provincial approval department (or the following paragraph accepts and records);

2. An independent R&D department has been established within an established foreign-invested enterprise. If the business scope of the enterprise already includes "research" or "development" business, the relevant materials of the independent R&D department should be reported to the original approval authority for record. If the above-mentioned business is not included in the business scope of the enterprise, the contract and articles of association shall be amended and submitted to the original examination and approval authority for approval. The qualification accreditation conditions for filing and adding enterprises are the same as those in Article 2.

(3) The following content should be added to the application report submitted to the examination and approval authority:

l. The direction, field, main tasks and implementation plan of research and development;

2. The situation of the site, personnel and relevant scientific research conditions;

3. The source, specific purpose and amount of funds required for research and development, and the corresponding financial budget report;

4. The list of research samples and chemical reagents in the research and development process of importing self-use equipment and its supporting technology, accessories, spare parts and research and development process within the total investment or self-owned funds;

5. A description of the advanced nature of the R&D content and the ownership of the R&D results.


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